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   Since establishment in 2010, COX devoted all of resources to develop reliable thermal imaging cameras for customers in world market.
COX released the first product of QVGA (384×288 pixels) models in 2012, VGA (640×480 pixels) models in 2014, and XGA (1024×768 pixels) model in 2016.
COX products mix includes security application cameras and thermography (radiometric) thermal cameras with QVGA, VGA, and XGA resolution.

 In Sep. 2016, COX released new CG series models with latest version of thermal detectors that are, QVGA Gen2, VGA Gen2, and XGA Gen2 from ULIS, France.
Compared to former thermal detectors from ULIS, they are better in NETD of thermal detector and provide better image quality and performances.

 Current products mix of CX series models is just for security application cameras and thermography application cameras.
However, new CG series of models include not only security application cameras and thermography application cameras as current models but also radiometric thermal network cameras which transmit compressed video data and temperature data (temperature alarm data) simultaneously via IP network. It is to meet current trend in CCTV and thermal camera field in the world market.

 Even though resolution of thermal detector is still under HD level, image quality of thermal cameras is improved a lot recently while price of those thermal cameras is decreased more and more. Consequently, fairly many CCTV projects require thermal cameras for 24 hours surveillance and projects requiring general thermal analysis using thermography thermal cameras like application for fire detection (prevention), preventive maintenance in industrial plants like power generation plants, or intrusion detection (human or animal) in wide area now require thermal network cameras which transmit video data and temperature data (alarm data based on temperature) at the same time via IP network.

 COX supplies alarm management software which has basically same structure as VMS in CCTV field for customers who adopt COX new CG series thermal network cameras for projects, and it will save project time and cost for customers who integrate several systems of different sites far apart via Internet.
Customers can monitor and manage videos from all sites effectively far apart from local sites in remote monitoring client, while customers in each site monitor and manage videos in local monitoring client.

 Another new product COX released in Aug. 2016 is automotive night vision as FLIR Path Finder.
Because COX has accumulated technology for thermal imaging cameras just except thermal detector itself, COX could release automotive night vision, in cooperation with our business partner in Korea. COX developed thermal imager for automotive night vision with QVGA Gen2 and VGA Gen2 thermal detectors from ULIS and our partner developed ECU with tracking software, and started to distribute in the world market.