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Since its establishment in 2010, COX Co., Ltd. has been working on developing and producing various thermal camera products to supply reliable thermal camera products for various applications to customers around the world.

In 2012, the first series of CX series products were released with 384x288 pixels and 640x480 pixels resolution thermal sensors for temperature measurement application and security application, respectively, and in 2016, high resolution thermal camera for security application with 1024x768 pixels resolution sensors were released.
In September 2016, we launched the second series of CG series products that adopted sensors with significantly improved thermal sensitivity. The image quality of CG series products has improved a lot compared to previous series models. The newly released thermal camera products are CG300/CG300-IP/CG320/CG320-IP and CG600/CG600-IP/CG640/CG640-IP.
The newly launched CG series products include thermal network cameras and has been widely adopted for network security projects including the Korean military projects. In particular, CZ series products released in 2019 are widely adopted in military projects at home and abroad because we can see objects over a long distance by 42% larger than cameras with existing 17µm pitch thermal sensors.
COX has focused on un-cooled thermal cameras so far, but it has also started supplying cooled type thermal cameras from 2020. Covid19, which started at the end of 2019, caused the world to fall into the fear of pandemics corona from the beginning of 2020, leading to a severe economic recession by restricting the movement of people in many cities around the world. COX has launched a fever screening camera based on the existing CG320 radiometric thermal camera, installed and operated in all elementary/middle/high schools in Seoul, the capital city of Korea, and became a leading player in Korea's K-quarantine as a supplier of reliable fever screening cameras.
After starting with the CG320 camera base, COX released a CF320B fever screening camera in the second half of 2020, which includes a camera that combines a visible camera and thermal camera, and a blackbody, and again an all-in-one AIO-320B fever screening camera that includes all components such as PC, blackbody and stands.
Based on accumulated technology in thermal camera field from its establishment in 2010 and experiences in operating fever screening thermal cameras at several thousand sites at home and abroad in 2020, COX Co., Ltd. will contribute greatly to minimizing infections not only in Korea but also in most countries around the world, including Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, and South America, where many Covid19 infections have occurred.


COX history

  • 2010.05 Established Cox Co., Ltd.
  • 2010.08 Established a company-affiliated research center
  • 2011.06 Selected as a venture company
  • 2011.06 Developed radiometric thermal camera and started sales at home and abroad
    Supplied VGA thermal camera for Korean military project(380 units)
  • 2013.09 Patent registration Device and method for correcting non-uniformity condition of portable thermal imaging camera
  • 2013.09 Developed and sold VGA-class security thermal imaging camera
    (Start of military supply to the Army of the Republic of Korea)
  • 2015.12 Million Dollar Export Record Award
  • 2016.09 Release CG Series(17µm pixel pitch), Radiometric, Security
  • 2017.03 Thermal night vision export to Middle east, Turkey and UK
  • 2017.05 QVGA class ship night vision development and sales
  • 2019.09 Release CZ series(12µm pixel pitch sensor)
  • 2020.03 Release MWIR Cooled type thermal camera(Security)
  • 2020.04 Supplied Fever Screening Camera to the Seoul metropilitan office of education, Jeollabukdo office of education and Daejeon metropolitan office of education
  • 2020.09 Military supply and export to 32 countries at home and abroad
  • 2020.09 Patent registration 13, patent pending 3, design registration 1, trademark registration 1
  • 2021.02 Launched All-in-one Fever Screening Camera(PC included)