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CG320-IP & CG640-IP

Product description

The CG320-IP and CG640-IP temperature alarm network cameras are cameras that attach network modules(IP module) to the back of the CG320 and CG640 temperature measurements cameras. It transmits compressed video data and very small size of uncompressed temperature alarm data such as maximum, minimum, average, and center point temperature in the ROI generated alarm. Because it is a network camera, you can monitor and control the camera from a remote location regardless of distance, if both camera and you are connected to the Internet.
The CG320 and CG640 temperature alarm cameras transmit temperature raw data read by each pixel of the thermal camera sensor via the Ethernet port, which is received from the PC so that the PC program process received temperature raw data using big processing capacity of the PC to generate thermal images and perform detailed temperature analysis. On the contrary, processing capacity of CG32-IP and CG640-IP network cameras are fairly poor compared to PC to which CG320 or CG640 camera is connected, CG320-IP and CG640-IP just send compressed thermal video and can send very small size of alarm data such as maximum, minimum, and average temperature within each ROI. The depth of the analysis is much less than CG320 and CG640, so it is used for forest fire monitoring to cover large areas, fire monitoring in places such as garbage, waste disposal sites, coal storage area in power plant, and for preventive maintenance of industrial or factory facilities such as power substation facilities or large capacity of transformer.
Because CG320-IP and CG640-IP temperature alarm cameras are network cameras, multiple cameras are installed at different sites, and the central control room at the remote site monitors and manages the videos and temperature alarms installed at all sites, while each site monitors the images and temperature alarms of the cameras installed at the site. 
COX's CG320-IP and CG640-IP cameras works with VuRix VMS which has an absolute share in the Korean Market and has a performance of well-known Genetec VMS and others, and we supply VuRix VMS free of charge, up to 16 channels. If you have VMS already working in connection to other network cameras, you can integrate CG320-IP or CG640-IP with the VMS already in operation.

If network cameras are installed on site-1, site-2, ••••••, and site-n as shown in the diagram above, we can monitor and control all network cameras installed in all sites at remote control room, while operator in each site monitor and control cameras in each site, respectively.
In the set up menu in web viewer of CG320-IP and CG640-IP temperature alarm network cameras, we can set up up to 10 ROIs, alarm temperature and alarm-related settings in each ROI, and CG320-IP and CG640 network camera send isotherm image(pixels exceeded set temperature are colored in set color) together with alarm signal. 

3 ROIs(0, 1 and 2) were set, and pixels above 41℃, 42℃, and 42℃ were set to be displayed in blue, green, and red, respectively.
In the left photo above, the bonnet or the back of buses (engine positioned) of the vehicles on the road and surface of the road has many pixels higher than the temperature set, all of which are expressed in blue, green, and red, and camera outputs alarm signals, respectively.

The temperatures set for ROI-2, ROI-1, and ROI-0 are 42, 42, 41℃, respectively, and pixels higher than these set temperature values are displayed in the center pop-up image as red, green, blue, etc., respectively(Isotherm).
When an alarm occurs, the image of the channel appears in a pop-up window to notify you of the alarm.
With a limited number of channels at 16 channels(connect up to 16 network cameras), COX provides customers with VuRix VMS free of charge (must pay only US$50 for USB dongles allowing running VuRix VMS accepting up to 16 channels)
The CG320-IP and CG640-IP temperature alarm network cameras supplied by COX support PoE and they are  compatible with Onvif profile S version 2.5.
You can also download API for COX thermal network cameras from following link.


1) CG320-IP or CG640-IP temperature alarm thermal network cameras
2) Accessories(adaptor, Ethernet cable)


Instead of accurately measuring the temperature of nearby objects such as CG320 or CG640 cameras, CG320-IP and CG640-IP temperature alarm thermal network camera are sued for preventive maintenance in industrial site(when the temperature rises to the set temperature, the camera outputs alarm signal so that the maintenance personnel must go to the site and check it to prevent the failure) or fire prevention(detection) in wider area (such as fire in the forest, waste disposal site, or large facilities). 
During the production process, the temperature alarm thermal network camera is calibrated with several different temperature measurement ranges as shown below. Therefore, the customer should decide the temperature measurement range of the temperature alarm thermal network camera as well as focal length of the lens (angle of view) that they want when ordering. The temperature measurement ranges are as follows:
1) Medical measurement range: 20℃ to 50℃
2) Temperature measurement range: -20℃ to 120℃
3) Medium measurement range: 0℃ to 300℃
4) High temperature measurement range (dual): 0℃ to 500℃ (dual: If requested separately, Dual calibration service is also possible. In the dual calibrated thermal camera, user can select measurement range in the OSD menu between Normal measurement range and High measurement range.


Model CG320-IP/CG640-IP
Imaging Device Uncooled FPA microbolometer, pixel size: 17μm, spectral range: 8~14μm
Total Pixels 384x288 pixels/640x480 pixels
NETD < 50mK @f1.0, 30Hz, 300K
Video Out CVBS 1.0 Vp-p / 75 Ω(for installer to check if camera outputs video during installation)
Focal Length from 4.8mm to 300mm as projects require/fixed focal length or zoom lens
Focus or zoom control Motorized focus & zoom/By pressing "focus +/-" and "zoom in/out" button, Autofocus
Camera Title Off / On ( English: 20 Characters, 5 Lines )
Built-in Motion Detection Off / On (3 Zones, Rectangular)
Frame Frequency 25/30Hz
Brightness Manual adjustment(0~100)
Gain Control Manual adjustment(0~100)
Auto NUC OFF/Auto/Time/Auto+Time
D-zoom Slide bar(magnification as like)
Color palette Red Hot / Iron / Rainbow / Amber / Black Hot / White Hot ( Total : 11 Color Support )
Heat Threshold 0~100
Image Enhancement On / Off ( Edge Enhancement Only )
Digital Noise Reduction SSNR (2D) Noise Filter (Off / On)
Rotate Image Flip : On/Off , Mirror : On/Off
Intelligent Video Analytics Motion detection
Alarm Triggers Temperature alarm, Motion detection
Temperature Alarm Events Up to 10 rectangle ROIs, temperature setting in each ROI in max., min., or average
Ethernet RJ-45 (10/100BASE-T)
Video Compression Format H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10/AVC) : Main/Baseline/High Motion JPEG
Resolution 720x576 , 640x480 , 384×288, 720x480, 320x240
Max. Framerate [H.264] Max 30fps at all resolutions [MJPEG] Max 15fps@640x480
Video Quality Adjustment H.264 : Compression level, Target bitrate level control, MJPEG : Quality level control
Bitrate Control Method CBR or VBR, Motion JPEG : VBR (Bitrate Range : 128K ~ 1M)
Streaming Capability Multiple Streaming (Up to 3 Profiles)
Max Users Number : 10 (total bitrate, TBD), Max Profile Count : 4 , Fixed Profile (Default) : 2
IP IPv4, IPv6
Security IP Address Filtering, User access Log, HTTPS(SSL) Login Authentication, Digest Login Authentication, 802.1X Authentication
Streaming Method Unicast / Multicast
Max. User Access Max. 10 users access(TBD)
Onvif Onvif Profile S Ver 2.5
Webpage Language (17) English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Greek
Web Viewer Supported OS : Windows XP / VISTA / 7 / 8 / 8.1 /10
Supported Browser : Microsoft Internet Explorer (Ver. 9 ~ 11)
Operating Temperature From -20℃ to 60℃
Storage Temperature From -20℃ to 70℃
Input power 12V±0.3 DC, PoE( IEEE802.3af class3)
Power Consumption Max. 8W
Color / Material Black/Aluminum.
(WxHxD, w/o lens)
62mm W x 51.5mm H x 98.9mm L
Weight w/o lens 310g
Application field Temperature alarm(fire detection or preventive maintenance)