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CG300-IP & CG600-IP

Product description

Thermal cameras have been rarely used for general security purposes and have been limited to military or special facilities, because they cost more than a several tens of times than regular CCTV cameras. However, as the detector for thermal camera advances in technology, its resolution increases and its price decreases significantly compared to the past, and it is increasingly being used for security in military projects, border surveillance, and critical facilities surveillance such as nuclear power plants and oil reserves. Network security systems have become commonplace in the field of general CCTV, and in recent years, thermal network cameras have also been adopted when they are used for security purposes. The security thermal network camera supplied by COX directly compresses digital video data (BT656) from thermal camera module and transmits for very good image quality. In the past, encoding module is attached to the analog output(CVBS) thermal cameras to compress and transmit, and the quality of the image is very poor compared to network camera which compress digital video data(BT656) and transmits as COX network camera.


1) CG300-IP or CG600-IP
2) Accessories(adaptor, Ethernet cable)
3) User manual


Security network camera of COX supports Onvif and PoE.
It is possible to work with all VMS, like Genetec.
You can also download API for COX thermal network cameras from following link.

Features such as zoom control and auto-focusing function are essential when a security thermal network camera is installed in a housing fixed on top of the PT Drive with the visible camera. COX supply thermal network cameras with zoom control/autofocus modules for zoom control and autofocusing.  
Without Auto Focus module, operator must adjust focus whenever PT Drive moves to the next preset position or changes direction my manual operation, and it is a time-consuming task and a simple repetitive task that reduces concentration.
But if you install Auto Focus Module supplied by COX with thermal network cameras, it will focus automatically after PT Drive arrives at the next preset position. In this case, the VMS communicate with Auto Focus modules in RS-485communication vis thermal network camera and the VMS simply sends the Trigger signal to the Auto Focus module to perform the Auto Focus function.

In addition, if the security network camera supplied by COX is paired with zoom lenses, COX recommends to install zoom control/autofocus module to control zoom and focus, effectively.
When PT Drive is operated in touring mode after setting many preset positions, we can make zoom value and focus value in each preset position can be memorized in zoom control/autofocus module and we can see focused image with the set zoom(FOV) as soon as PT Drive moves to next preset position.
To memorize zoom value and focus value at each preset position, we have to have two potentiometers, one for zoom and the 2nd for focus on the zoom lens. Zoom control/autofocus module convert analogue value from two potentiometers into digital value and save for zoom control and autofocusing when PT Drive move to next preset position.

The security network cameras that COX has supplied so far are equipped with various zoom lenses such as 15-60mm, 25-75mm, 25-100mm, 30-120mm, 30-150mm, 40-160mm, and 25-225mm.


Security thermal network camera CG300-IP CG600-IP
Resolution(Sensor pixels) 384x288 640x480
Thermal sensitivity (NETD) <50mK @ f1.0 30Hz 300K
Spectral range 8-14µm
Output Compressed video data, H.264, MPEG4, MJPG
Lens 4.8mm ~ 300mm focal, manual / Motorized focus lens, Zoom, 2 FOV, Athermalized lens as per project requirements
Operating environment(ambient temperature) -20~60℃(It is recommended to install camera inside a housing with fan and heater function when using outdoors)
Application 24 hours surveillance

Note: See CG320-IP/CG640-IP Network Camera Specification for detailed network camera specifications.