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AIO-320B Fever Screening Camera


Product description

Korea's quarantine system, which is called K-Quarantine, is a good example of coronavirus prevention around the world, has not implemented Lockdown at all, unlike Western countries, and has lowered the infection rate by efficiently inducing individuals to wear masks. In addition, K-Quarantine has installed fever screening cameras at most entrances to schools, public buildings, and crowded buildings to measure the face temperature of those who enter the building and filter out people who are suspicious of having fever, to basically prevent those who have heat from entering the building. In the first half of 2020, COX provided all elementary/middle/high schools in Seoul, capital city of Korea, with CG320 cameras, and in the second half of 2020, it released CF320B fever screening cameras with combination of visible camera, thermal camera and black body. In February 2021, COX once again released the most reliable easy to use all-in-one fever screening camera, named AIO-320B, which includes PC, monitor, blackbody and stand. The AIO-320B fever screening camera uses a 384x288-pixel microbolometer sensor dedicated to thermal cameras that can measure the face temperature of people on the move the most accurately at the current technology level, including black body in the camera configuration, minimizing changes in the environment (temperature, wind, etc.) to get very high accuracy of +/-0.2℃ in measurement.


1) Thermal camera: 384x288 pixels micro-bolometer thermal sensor camera
2) Visible camera: 2MP USB interface camera
3) Blackbody: set to 40℃ before shipment
4) Ultrasonic distance measuring instrument(measure face temperature when a person reached a certain distance(2.5m)
5) Monitor (11.6-inch) all-in-one PC (shipped after installation of the Fever screening Manager program)
6) Stand and base
7) Accessories (adaptor and manual)


All though the method of use is very similar to that of existing COX fever screening cameras, CF320B.
AIO320 all-in-one fever screening camera measures temperature of faces when it is within a certain range, like 3.5m to 1m, to increase the consistency and accuracy of temperature measurements.

Users who feel that the 11-inch monitor is small can connect a large monitor which supports HDMI input to the HDMI port on the AIO320 unit

Unlike Chinese products that adopted thermopile array sensor, people who pass by do not need to stop and bend their back to fix their face at 30 cm in front of the monitor to measure face temperature, but pass 3.5m to 1m away from the camera with the speed of moving to measure face temperature.
Built-in black body just in front of the lens makes the thermal camera measure the temperature exactly all the time by minimizing influence of environment. Further we do not need to do cumbersome work of installing the blackbody on the tripod.

1) Measure the face temperature most accurately.

  •  Not adopted thermopile array sensor but adopted micro-bolometer
  •  384 x 288 pixels sensor: good thermal image quality and enough pixels for accurate temperature measurements
  •  Measure the face skin temperature of a person on the move at a constant distance (3.5 to 1 m), and display the converted body temperature.

If it's over 37.5℃, an alarm will alert you.
  • Proven PC software(Fever screening Manager) in the Project executed by Korean Ministry of Education in 2020 

2) Combination of visible camera and thermal camera.

3) Blackbody(fixed at 40℃) minimize the influence of the environment in which the camera is installed and increased accuracy of measurement.

4) Easy installation
  • Assembled the stand and fix the main body(camera and blackbody) on the stand.

5) Ease to use
  • No need any setting or adjustment in the PC software
  • Simple GUI
  • Set by pushing the touch screen (color palette, privacy blur level, selection of temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • Alarm temperature set button (Increase or decrease 0.2℃ by dragging the button to the right or the left)

6) Measure the face temperature while moving (no need to stop in front of the camera or put your face directly in front of the camera)
  •  Measure face temperature of people on the move in the distance range of 3.5m to 1m

7) Voice notification(normal body temperature, suspicious body temperature)

8) Notification of not wearing mask

9) Extremely low price by mass production


Thermal camera
Sensor Micro-bolometer Uncooled focal plane array
Resolution 384 x 288
Pixel pitch 17µm
Spectral range 8µm ~ 14µm
Thermal sensitivity 50mK@f1.0, 30Hz, 300K
Lens Lens type Athermalized lens
Focal length 8mm f1.0
HFOV/VFOV 49°/36°
Recommended measurement range 2m(3.5m ~ 1m)
Minimum focus distance 0.5m
Data output Interface Giga Ethernet(10/100)
Data Temperature raw data of each pixel
Frame/sec 9Hz
Visible camera
Sensor Image sensor 1/3” CMOS (2 MP)
Scanning system 16:9 Progressive
Resolution 1920(H) x 1080(V)
Lens Optic 3.6mm 85° HFOV
Video output Interface USB2.0, Super speed
Format USB2.0 UVC compliant YUV 422 16bits, Uncompressed video
Resolution and frame rate 1920x1080p@50/60/25/30
Monitor all-in-one PC CPU Intel Core i3-5005U compatible
Interface ports HDMI, USB, Earphone
Display 11.6”, 1920x1080 IPS
Alarm Voice
  Normal body temperature
  Suspicious body temperature
  Not wearing mask
LED strobe
  Suspicious body temperature
Voice guidance
  “It is normal body temperature”
  “It is suspected of fever”
  “Not wearing mask. Wear mask”
  The LED strobe is flashing
Privacy On/Off Blurred the area except the face.
Blackbody Temperature adjust/fixed in the factory 40℃(adjustment not required by user)
Effective size of heating plate 30(W)mm x 41(H)mm
Thermal sensitivity 0.01
Temperature stability +/-0.1℃
Temperature accuracy +/-0.2℃
Emissivity 0.95
Temperature sensor NTC 0.1%
Installation Fixed on the main body 50mm in front of the lens in the factory
Operating temperature Humidity < 80%, Temperature 0℃ ~ 40℃
General Total weight
  Floor installation stand type
  Desk stand type

Dimension(After assembly)
Floor installation stand type
Desk stand type
1620(H)mm x 280(W)mm x 250(D)mm
420(H)mm x 280(W)mm x 210(D)mm
420(H)mm x 280(W)mm x 210(D)mm
Power 110/220 VAC to 19VDC adaptor 57W(3A)
Operation temperature
(visible camera/thermal camera)
0℃ ~ 40℃
Certificate KC, CE, FCC, UL