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Product description

The CF320B fever screening camera released in the 2nd half 2020 is designed to minimize the influence of the surrounding environment in temperature measurement, such as changes in the temperature and wind, by installing a black body about 3 meters in front of the camera.

COX's adopted thermal camera is an analogue thermal camera that transmits full pixel temperature raw data over an Ethernet port instead of a thermal network camera, unlike other Chinese companies. The thermal network camera compresses thermal video and transmits compressed video data and additionally sends only a few pixels of temperature data uncompressed, so it only send maximum temperatures in the face detection area processed by the camera itself, without any constant on-site calibration as analogue camera can do, which naturally reduces the accuracy of the temperature measurement.
However, what COX adopted is that the thermal camera transmits only the temperature raw data of the entire pixels measured by the camera and the PC program running on the PC processes the received temperature raw data to produce thermal images and also obtain the temperature value of each pixel. PC’s processing capability is much greater than that of a thermal camera, so PC software can additionally calibrate the temperature value obtained by processing received temperature raw data from the camera based on the black body's 40 ℃ temperature, and it can also be calibrated by distance between people and cameras.

In conclusion, additional calibration based on 40℃ blackbody and distance between people and camera, CF320B adopted, offers more accuracy in face temperature measurement of fever screening camera.


1) Thermal camera: 384x288 pixels micro-bolometer thermal sensor camera
2) LED strobe: LED strobe on camera flashes when a person above alarm temperature is detected
3) Visible camera: 2MP USB interface camera
4) Blackbody: Set at 40℃ before delivery
5) Tripods(2 for camera and blackbody)
6) PC(In most cases, customers prepare lap-top PC)
7) Accessories(adaptor and user manual)


When measuring the face temperature of a person moving with only a thermal camera, there is a weakness that the measured value can rise or fall if conditions such as temperature or wind change where the camera is installed. To improve this problem, CF320B added a blackbody to the product configuration, and in fact, it also added a visible camera to make it easy to distinguish who passed in front of the camera by video.

The black body is an equipment designed to emit a constant 40℃ infrared light even when the external environment, such as temperature or wind, changes. The black body installed face-to-face about 3m away from the camera, and the PC program checks whether the black body part temperature measured by the camera is 40℃ or how much higher or lower than 40℃, and PC program calibrates the difference when it outputs measured temperature.

Since the PC program calibrates based on the blackbody temperature of 40 ℃ and then outputs the measurement temperature, the temperature of the face output by the fever screening camera is always consistent and accurate. If you are using a fever screening camera CG320B that includes CB55 black body provided by COX, you can measure the temperature with an accuracy of +/-0.2℃.


Thermal camera
Sensor Micro-bolometer Uncooled focal plane array
Resolution 384 x 288
Pixel pitch 17µm
Response wavelength 8µm to 14µm
Thermal sensitivity 50mK@f1.0, 30Hz, 300K
Lens Lens type Athermalized lens
Focal length 8.13mm f1.16
HFOV/VFOV 47.4°/35.1°
Recommended distance range for best reliable measurement 2m to 3m
Minimum focus distance 0.5m
Data output Interface Giga Ethernet(10/100)
Data Temperature raw data of each pixel of thermal sensor
Frame rate/sec 30Hz
Visible camera
Sensor Image sensor 1/3” Progressive CMOS (Approx. 2.1 mega)
Scanning system 16:9 Progressive
Effective Pixel 1920(H) x 1080(V)
Min. Illumination 0.2Lux (Day), 0.1Lux (Night)
Horizontal Resolution 1000TVL
Lens Optic 4mm 70° HFOV
Function Back Light Comp. WDR/BLC
Exposure Auto / Manual
White Balance Auto(3,000°K~8,000°K) / Manual
Day & Night System AGC / TDN(ICR)
Electronic Shutter 1/1 ~ 1/30000
Functions Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, 3DNR, Flicker-less, Sharpness, Gamma, Digital-Zoom
Video output Interface USB3.0 Super Speed(Standard length of USB cable is 2m/If required, repeater cable of 15(20)m in length will be included in the package as an option, in case distance from the camera to the PC is up to 17(22)m)
Format USB3.0 UVC compliant YUV 422 16bits, uncompressed video
Resolution and Frame Rate 1920x1080p@50/60/25/30
1280x720p@25/30(Default) 50/60(Option)
Control interface USB UVC camera control by computer
Operation Weight 1Kg(including USB cable from the visible camera)
Dimension 81(H)mm x 135(W)mm x 150.5(D)mm
Power supply 110/220 VAC to 12VDC adaptor 36W(3A), straight jack
Operation Temperature
(visible & thermal camera)
-10℃ ~ 40℃
Blackbody Fixed temperature set at the factory 40℃
Effective radiant surface Ф55
Temperature resolution 0.01
Temperature stability +/-0.1℃
Temperature accuracy +/-0.2℃
Emissivity 0.95
Temperature sensor NTC 0.1%
Power supply 110/220 VAC to 12VDC adaptor 36W(3A), 90° angle jack
Weight 330g
Dimension 72(H)mm x 72(W)mm x 49(D)mm
Recommended distance from the camera Between 2m to 3m(install blackbody at the point 2m to 3m apart from the camera/on the tripod, on the wall, or on the ceiling/ The temperature of the moment a person passes just by the blackbody is the most accurate)
Operation Temperature -10℃ ~ 40℃ under 80% humidity