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CG320 & CG640

Product description

The CG320 and CG640 radiometric thermal cameras are temperature-measuring cameras with 384x288 resolution and 640x480 resolution thermal sensor, respectively. These cameras transmit temperature raw data measured by each pixel of the thermal sensor to the PC via the Ethernet port, and PC software running on the PC processes received temperature raw data (COX provides standard PC software free of charge) using processing capacity of PC to create thermal images and perform various temperature analyses.

Depending on the project, it may be necessary to develop new software in case free software provided by COX such as One channel analyzer or Quad channel analyzer do not meet special features required in the project. In this case, COX will provide free software development kits (SDK) and sample programs that was developed using C++ program language in Window OS so that customers can develop the software required by the project by themselves.

During the production process, the radiometric thermal camera is calibrated with several different temperature measurement ranges as shown below. Therefore, the customer should decide the temperature measurement range of the camera as well as focal length of the lens (angle of view) that they want when ordering. The temperature measurement ranges are as follows: 1) Medical measurement range: 20℃ to 50℃ 2) Temperature measurement range: -20℃ to 120℃ 3) Medium measurement range: 0℃ to 300℃ 4) High temperature measurement range (dual): 0℃ to 500℃ (dual: If requested separately, Dual calibration service is also possible. In the dual calibrated thermal camera, user can select measurement range in the OSD menu between Normal measurement range and High measurement range It is also frequently used for PCB inspection by pairing micro-objective lenses on CG320 and CG640 cameras, which are COX's temperature measurement cameras. Using CG640 or CG320 paired with suitable magnification of micro-objective lens, we can inspect important ICs inserted into PCBs of complex circuits if they are cold or problematic. For it we first power PCB in the test line and measure temperature and get temperature distribution at approximately 50 mm distance. Micro-objective lenses usually have x0.6 or x1 magnification. We usually focus on temperature distribution rather than temperature values to identify bad PCBs, when we inspect PCBs using radiometric thermal cameras paired with micro-objective lens.


1) CG320 or CG640 radiometric thermal cameras
2) PC Software

  • One channel analyzer
  • Quad channel analyzer
3) Accessories(adaptor, Ethernet cable)


The CG320 and CG640 temperature-measuring cameras are supplied in combination with lenses of varying focal distances, from wide angles to telescopes, so that you can easily measure the temperature of an object in various applications. COX also provides free One channel analyzer or Quad channel analyzer, software for Windows that enables deep analysis based on various forms of plotting while measuring temperature.
Quad channel analyzer is a very useful PC program that allows users to connect up to 4 CG320 or CG640 cameras to one PC to perform in-depth analysis and record various types of Plotting. The Quad channel analyzer has to process received temperature raw data from up to 4 cameras in real time to generate thermal images and perform in-depth analysis, so it uses processing capacity of both CPU and GPU, so called parallel processing, and specification of PC must be above the specifications below.

CPU Intel Core i3 7100 (7th generation Intel Core or higher)
RAM 8GB or higher
HDD Program install HDD and Data Storage HDD are recommended to be separated
Graphic NVIDIA GTX 750 or later(Maintain the latest driver)
OS Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 32-bit/64-bit (version 1607 and later)

One channel analyzer has the same basic functionality as Quad channel analyzer, but only one channel is targeted.

The Camera controller program is also provided free of charge for accessing CG320 or CG640 cameras from remote locations to check and change settings.