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High accuracy Fever screening Thermal camera CF320 with CB55



As tremendous number of people move from one country to another for reasons such as tourism and trade, and in each country, many people are constantly interacting with each other for a living and business, study and others, respiratory diseases like SARS, Zika virus cases, MERS and others have terrorized the world every few years, one after the other. In particular, respiratory disease caused by the new corona virus early 2020 has been very fast and widely spread all over the world compared to former other infectious diseases making it very important to separate people with fever from all public places, including schools, hospitals, hotels, resorts, religious facilities, theaters, concert halls and sports stadiums, as well as quarantine officials at all airports and harbors.

From February 2020, the fever-scanning camera which is a combination of visible camera and thermal cameras were introduced in the global market, mainly by China’s Hikvision and Dahua. These products were released in a hurry with a slight modification of thermal camera part of the bullet camera for security applications that have been on sale for many years before, but the problem is that the thermal network camera included in this type of products cannot execute variety of he analysis and the temperature measurement by thermal network camera is unreliable.

Although it is meaningful to display the measured temperature on the visible camera video and the temperature of several people at the same time, but the temperature of the face measured by the thermal network camera cannot be trusted, so it does not really function as a true fever screening camera.

COX, which has been developing and distributing uncooled thermal cameras since 2010, has accumulated very practical technologies and know-how for radiometric thermal camera and recently supplied a great number of CG320 fever screening thermal cameras in all elementary, middle and high schools in Seoul and several other cities, in Korea, during the Corona outbreak in 2020.

Based many years of accumulated technology and knowledge of field applications, COX has launched CF320 with CB55 blackbody and CF640 with CB55 blackbody, a high accuracy fever screening camera that includes visible camera which let you know easily who have fevers, blackbody for constant self-calibration for high accuracy in measurement, and face detection.

The CF320/CF640 fever screening camera with CB55 blackbody includes all the experiences and knowhow of COX so far, and has highest measurement accuracy in temperature measurement and smallest temperature measurement difference by distance, making it the best product among fever screening cameras distributed in the world market.


System configuration:

1)     Camera(CF320 & CF640)

a)     Visible camera: 2MP USB interface optical camera

b)    Thermal camera: CG320 or CG640 thermal camera

2)     Blackbody: CB55(Fixed at 40℃)

The accuracy of temperature measurement of thermal camera is improved to 0.2 ℃ as the constant calibration is performed based on the temperature of 40 ℃ at the site where thermal camera is installed and used.

CF logic

3)     Fever screening Manager & Face detection(Program running on the PC)

Fever screening Manager running on a lap-top PC(normal i5 processor or AMD processor) is taking care of the entire operation of fever screening.

In other words, the thermal camera transmits the temperature raw data of each pixel of the thermal sensor through the Ethernet port, and the Fever screening Manger processes the received temperature raw data to create the thermal video and perform various analysis.

In addition, Fever screening Manager detects each person’s face in the images of the thermal camera, marks each person’s face with a rectangle, and marks the temperature of the face. It also finds corresponding faces detected by thermal camera in the visible camera image, places a square mark on each face in the same way, and indicates the temperature read by the thermal camera. If any face temperature is higher than the alarm temperature set in advance, the square and temperature are displayed in a different color, the alarm signal is output, and set wave file(like siren) on the lap-top PC is played, LED strobe on the camera flashes, and the recording on the PC is performed as parameters set in advance.

Fever screening Manager included program module for face detection in deep learning based and it first detect face from thermal vide to increase success rate.

All currently released fever screening cameras, including Chinese products from Hikvision and Dahua, conduct face detection in the visible camera video, but in CF320/CF640 developed by COX, face detection is performed in the thermal camera video. This is possible because COX has accumulated long-term thermal camera technology, which greatly increases the success rate of face detection.

4)     LED strobe

When temperature of detected face exceed set alarm temperature, Fever screening Manager records both visible camera video and thermal camera video and issues alarm signal which will play wave file on the PC as per preset parameters and also sends the signal to thermal camera to make the camera output alarm signal via digital IO pots on the backside of the thermal camera.

Most of cases, COX supplies fever screening cameras with LED strobe with prearranged cabling, for easiness in installation on user side.

5)     Tri-pod and accessories

Two tri-pods for camera and blackbody and other accessories like AC to DC power adaptors and cables.

It also includes a small blackbody fixing bracket that can hold the black body to the wall or ceiling.

Features & Advantages:

1)     High accuracy in temperature measurement

Temperature measurement accuracy of thermal camera is improved to the level of precision of the blackbody which is +/-0.2℃, as a result of on-site constant self-calibration in the environment in which the camera is installed and used, and consequently measurement accuracy of the thermal camera is on the level of +/-0.2℃.

Basically, COX adopted thermography analogue camera which transmits temperature raw data of each pixel via Ethernet port, and Fever screening Manager running on the PC process received temperature raw data, so it has higher measurement accuracy and has more depth of analysis, than thermal network camera can does.

Most of fever screening camera which combined visible camera and thermal camera adopted thermal network cameras and we cannot expect higher accuracy in temperature measurement, because thermal network camera cannot transmit temperature raw data of each pixel via IP network. It just transmit compressed thermal video data and alarm data which is very small in size. Processing capacity of thermal camera itself is much poor than processing capacity of PC and level of analysis and accuracy of measurement of thermal camera like CF320 is much better than other cameras which adopted thermal network camera.

2)     Special algorithm for min. measurement difference by distance from the camera

The thermal camera has the characteristic of reading the temperature low when the distance is distant due to differences in IR intensity. COX included the special algorithm in the Fever screening Manager to minimize the difference in temperature measurements by distance.

In fever screening application, which measures the face temperature of a persons on the move within a certain distance range, minimizing the difference in facial temperature measurements over distance is as important as the accuracy of temperature measurement. COX offers +/-0.2℃ measurement difference over distance in the distance range of 2m to 5m, when thermal camera is paired with 8.13mm athermalized lens.

3)     Simultaneous measurement of multiple face temperatures

Detects all faces in the image and mark rectangle on the faces and displays the face temperature measured.

4)     Various combination of video display

It is possible to see visible camera and thermal camera side by side, or to see visible camera images(or thermal camera image) through PIP while looking at the thermal camera image(visible camera image) large.

It makes it easy to find a person who is suspected of having fever.

fsm capture1

(Thermal/Visible Double view)

fsm capture2

Thermal & Visible in PIP


fsm capture3

Visible & Thermal in PIP

 5)     Automatic detection of blackbody

All products already in the market, including products from Chinese companies, must accurately draw the location of the blackbody shown in the thermal camera to ensure that the thermal camera knows the exact location of the blackbody and execute self-calibration based on the temperature of the blackbody.

However, if the blackbody or the camera position is a little changed because people pass by hit the tripod slightly by chance, the temperature self-calibration of the camera is wrong and the camera outputs a completely different temperature.

Fever screening Manager for CF320 recognizes the position of the black body by itself automatically, the constant self-calibration is always based on the black body temperature, so temperature accuracy is maintained, as long as proper power to blackbody is supplied.

The only thing user must do is to power the blackbody, install it on the trip-pod or on the wall or ceiling using small fixing bracket included in the package, and place image of blackbody in one corner of the video from thermal camera.

Fever screening Manager automatically finds where is blackbody in the image, and it finds blackbody again if position is changed due to some reason.

6)     Stable and reliable operation of blackbody

The accuracy of the thermal camera reading the facial temperature depends on the accuracy of blackbody. Many of blackbody already in the market have a problem of shaking in temperature emitted even in a small windy environment.

The blackbody included in the COX CF320 camera adopted a sophisticated control algorithm, so the temperature does not fluctuate unless it is in a very windy environment, and just emits 40℃ IR with an accuracy of +/-0.2℃, as long as power to the blackbody is supplied.

7)     Privacy protection

In countries with high temperatures, women are dressed in thin clothes and we encounter a privacy problem that the outline of bras and other underwear is clearly visible on the thermal video. To solve this problem, there is a privacy protection function in the menu, so most of the body is blurred except for the detected face part.

The degree of blur can be adjusted to the desired level by adjusting the slide bar.

fsm capture4 fsm capture5

Privacy off

fsm capture5

Privacy on

 8)     Very simple setup and easy use

Even if hot objects (such as lighting or warning lights on walls or ceilings) are located within the thermal camera field of view, the Fever screen Manager will not generate false alarm by excluding them from the temperature analysis.

Basically, we do not need to set the Region of Interest (ROI) zone to determine the zone where temperature analysis is performed.

9)     Recording on NVR or integrating into existing VMS

The activity called fever screening is different from CCTVs that are monitored and recorded remotely, so one person should stay next to the camera and PC and manage it on the spot in real time.

That is, the fever screening camera measures the face temperature of people on the move in a certain distance range, normally from 2m to 5m, and filter out a person or persons whose face temperature is higher than the set temperature, the person on the spot measures inside ear temperature of the person the camera picked up to determine if the person has a fever or not. Actually, it is much different from CCTV activity and practically recording and monitoring remotely is not useful.

If a person with a face temperature above the set temperature is detected, Fever screening Manager records on the PC according to the preset parameters, so we can check later on the spot when necessary.

If any specific project requires recording and monitoring fever screening activities executed in many different locations, remotely, COX will offer you how to do it, in addition to standalone use of CF320 fever screening camera which includes camera(visible + thermal), blackbody, and Fever screening Manager running on the PC(mostly laptop PC/most of cases provided by installer).

10)  A case of a pretty design dedicated to fever screening

Adopted camera case developed exclusively for fever screening camera which includes visible camera and thermal camera, rather than bullet camera(as Hikvision or Dahua) developed for security application.

The blackbody in a dedicated case is small in size and takes up a very small space when installed on site, so it is very unlikely that people passing by will hit it slightly and direction or position of blackbody is changed, which will cause unexpected wrong measurement.


Specification: CF320 camera + CB55 blackbody


Thermal camera  
Sensor Micro-bolometer Uncooled focal plane array
Resolution CF320: 384 x 288, CF640: 640 x 480
Pixel pitch 17µm
Response wavelength 8µm to 14µm
Thermal sensitivity 50mK@f1.0, 30Hz, 300K
Lens Lens type Athermalized lens
Focal length 8.13mm f1.16 or 15mm f1.0
HFOV/VFOV 47.4°/35.1 or 24.5°/18.5°
Recommended distance range for best reliable measurement 8.13mm lens: 2m to 5m

15mm lens: 4 to 8m

Min. focus distance 0.5m
Data output Interface Giga Ethernet(10/100)
Data Temperature raw data of each pixel of thermal sensor
Frame rate 30Hz
Visible camera  
Sensor Image sensor 1/3” Progressive CMOS (Approx. 2.1 mega)
Scanning System 16:9 Progressive
Effective Pixel 1920(H) x 1080(V)
Min. Illumination 0.2Lux (Day), 0.1Lux (Night)
Horizontal Resolution 1000TVL
Lens Optic 4mm 70° HFOV
Function Back Light Comp. WDR/BLC
Exposure Auto / Manual
White Balance Auto(3,000°K~8,000°K) / Manual
Day & Night System AGC / TDN(ICR)
Electronic Shutter 1/1 ~ 1/30000
Functions Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, 3DNR, Flicker-less, Sharpness, Gamma, Digital-Zoom
Video output Interface USB3.0 Super Speed

(Standard length of USB cable is 2m/If required, repeater cable of 15(20)m in length will be included in the package as an option, in case distance from the camera to the PC is up to 17(22)m)

Format USB3.0 UVC compliant YUV 422 16bits, uncompressed video
Resolution and Frame Rate 1920x1080p@50/60/25/30

1280x720p@25/30(Default) 50/60(Option)

Control interface USB UVC camera control by computer
Operation Weight 1Kg(including USB cable from the visible camera)
Dimension 51(H)mm x 135(W)mm x 150.5(D)mm
Power supply 110/220 VAC to 12VDC adaptor 36W(3A), straight jack
Operation Temperature

(visible & thermal camera)

-10℃ ~ 40℃
Blackbody Fixed temperature set at the factory 40℃
Effective radiant surface Ф55
Temperature resolution 0.01
Temperature stability +/-0.1℃
Temperature accuracy +/-0.2℃
Emissivity 0.95
Temperature sensor NTC 0.1%
Power supply 110/220 VAC to 12VDC adaptor 36W(3A), 90° angle jack
Weight 330g
Dimension 72(H)mm x 72(W)mm x 49(D)mm
Recommended distance from the camera Between 2m to 4m(install blackbody at the point 2m to 4m apart from the camera/on the tripod, on the wall, or on the ceiling/ The temperature of the moment a person passes just by the blackbody is most accurate)
Operation Temperature -10℃ ~ 40℃ under 80% humidity

Note: CB55 blackbody has adopted a specially designed control algorithm to ensure stable temperature emits even in windy environment.

In the package of blackbody, bracket for fixing blackbody on the wall or the ceiling is also included.


Components of COX fever screening thermal cameras


Models Configuration(PC software) Remarks
Grade Components
Entry CG320 CG320 thermal


Current CG320 connected to Fever screening Manager(FSM-CG320) Standard fever screening camera/multi-detection
Medium CG320 + CB55 CG320 thermal

camera + Blackbody

Current CG320 with blackbody connected to Fever screening Manager(FSM-CG320B) Blackbody makes measurement

accuracy increased/multi-detection

CF320 CF320 (visible +

thermal) camera

CF320 without blackbody connected to Fever screening Manager(FSM-CF320) CF320 Includes both visible camera and thermal camera /multi-detection
High-end CF320 + CB55 CF320 + Blackbody CF320 with blackbody connected to Fever screening Manager(FSM-CF320B) CF320 with a set of blackbody   /multi-detection


Note: We need PC or lap-top PC to run Fever screening Manager.

In case monitor of lap-top PC is not good enough in size, included bigger panel size of monitor which accepts HDMI input and connect HDMI port of lap-top PC to the big size monitor using HDMI cable.