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What is improved?

  • Adopted latest version of thermal detector. NETD is very good and it is shutter-less compatible.
  • Thermal network cameras fully based on CG300 and CG600 thermal cameras
  • Suitable for 24 hours surveillance over IP network
  • Compact design of camera case.
  • Bullet type also available.
  • To meet requirements of security and surveillance market, CG300-IP and CG600-IP are supplied with variety of lenses from 4.8mm to 250mm in focal length, manual focus or motorized focus, various continuous zoom lenses, 2 FOV lenses, and athermalized lenses.
  • Control of lens motor for focusing and zooming is done by camera itself, and does not need separate control board for focusing and zooming.

CG300-IP/CG600-IP Specifications

 Radiometric thermal network camera



Resolution(sensor pixels) 384×288 640×480
Thermal sensitivity (NETD) of sensor <40mK @ f1.0 30Hz 300K  <50mK @ f1.0 30Hz 300K
Spectral response 8-14µm
Output Compressed video data,
H.264, MPEG4, MJPG
Lenses From 4.8 to 250mm/Manual focus or motorized focus
Zoom, 2 FOV, Athermalized
Operation temperature(ambient) -20~70℃
(Housing with built-in fan and heater is recommended for use in the open air)
Application 24 hours surveillance

ONVIF and POE supported

CG300-IP or CG600-IP with 75mm f1.0 motorized lens

Case of CG300-IP and CG600-IP is identical.